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CULT stands for Collaborative Urban Logistics & Transport. It’s a community of companies sharing a common vision on how sustainable citylogistics can be made efficient through smart consolidation of volume.

CULT was initiated by TRI-VIZOR in June 2021 and seven pioneering companies decided to join. As orchestrator, TRI-VIZOR guarantees the neutral and impartial governance, involving all relevant stakeholders of the city.

CULT has started in the city of Antwerp.

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The smart consolidation of the volumes of the companies of the CULT community at the periphery of the city in order to realize the Green Deal Delivery.


Volume is key for an efficient and sustainable city logistics. In order to bundle the required volume, collaboration among companies is mandatory.

What is Green Deal Delivery?

A Green Deal Delivery is performed through fixed routes with emission-free vehicles, manned by couriers employed in a responsible way. The objective is to optimize cost, service level, sustainability and social value creation!

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